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Welcome to Art Lackey Woodturning.  Woodturning is a form of woodworking that is used to create wooden objects on a lathe. Woodturning differs from most other forms of woodworking in that the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by turning wood.

I’ve been turning wood, building furniture, cabinets, and anything out of wood for the last 40 years and can create porch restorations, Hitchcock table legs, finials, balusters, barley twists and more, all to your specs.

Producing and Reproducing turnings quickly and efficiently is key to making YOU—the customer—HAPPY!


baluster (sometimes spelled ballister) is something you see on staircases, balconies and on wooden decks.  The correct term and spelling is baluster, which is a fancy French term for a set of columns supporting the main face of a staircase.

Table Legs 


finial   is an element marking the top or end of some object, often formed to be a decorative feature.   Finials add just the right touch to wooden furniture, decorative home accents or architectural replicas.

Barley Twists

Barley twist legs date back hundreds of years. They take their shape from the architectural term referred to as a Solomonic column. The barley twist pattern was very popular in English furniture design and generally used as a form of support in a larger piece of furniture.

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Transcript of Video

Creating a Baluster

Welcome to ArtLackeyWoodturning.com.  Today I’m going to show you how to make this turning on the Hapfo Copy Lathe.  As you can see, it’s effortless as this machine does its thing.  It follows a template and creates this beautiful turning.

So let’s see if I can show you the templates in the back.  Automatically, the cutter lifts up out of the way, while the final cutter finishes up the turning.

Well, there you have it, a finished turning, made by the Hapfo Copy Lathe.  You can see the detail is very crisp.  With a little bit of sanding, it will be a beautiful thing.

Thanks for watching.

Creating a Domed Reeded Finial

Welcome to Art Lackey Wordturning. So I ask you this question, How would you make this? How would you make that pattern on that piece of wood? It’s very simple, I’m going to show you.

Here’s one in progress. As you can see it’s not complete, more has to be done. And you see the lines, so what we’re going to do is center the router bit, and I made this fixture to do this. So watch what happens. This fits on there like that and you route it.

So, how does that look? Very nice. The fixture is pretty easy to make up. There’s very little sanding that has to be done. Some of them will dig a little deeper and some will not.

This is the end result right here. After a little sanding, it’s quite a nice looking finial.

Thanks for watching!