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Art Lackey Woodturning

I’ve been turning wood, building furniture, cabinets, and anything out of wood for the last 40 years. I think by now I must have wood dust in my veins. I worked 11 years for the HITCHCOCK CHAIR FACTORY in Riverton, Connecticut. Six of those years were spent in the sample shop building the prototype pieces. I worked 9 years for OVATION INSTRUMENTS in New Hartford, Connecticut carving guitar necks. I also worked at NININGER & COMPANY building very high-end occasional tables.

I have always enjoyed woodturning and that’s why I am now doing woodturnings for a number of clients that need large numbers of turned parts.

Producing and Reproducing turnings quickly and efficiently is key to making YOU—the customer—HAPPY!


Art Lackey in his Shop

Quality Is Job One!

We Look Forward To Serving You!

Art Lackey Woodturning